Believe it or not... it's not all about amazing photos of your day, weird hey?

but seriously, your photographer is going to be with you for pretty much your entire wedding day, so your experience is just as important than the images themselves. you don't want to think back to your day and remember nothing but the horrible photographer who got on your every single last nerve. I basically want to make sure we gel, so that we all have a wicked time. your photos will reflect the true feels of the day so this is super important to me. so that's why I’d love to catch up to meet you guys, or if we're 100 miles apart, a phone call or skype so we can connect.


you'll feel super organised with the timeline we will write when we have our initial chat. We will talk about sunset time, ideal ceremony time, portrait timing, prep timing; the works! This will give you a really clear guide to work with whist you're planning your day.


I believe the engagement shoot is just as important as the wedding. Your wedding day is about celebrating with family and friends; your engagement session focuses on just the two of you. It can add so much to the story of who you are as a couple and offer an ideal opportunity for you to become more comfortable in front of my lens prior to your wedding day. Engagement sessions can be as simple as a stroll through your favourite park, a stop at your favourite coffee shop or bar or a visit to the location where the proposal happened. You will experience how I shoot as well as how I handle posing and lighting.  Knowing how the two of you interact, learning your comfort level in front of the camera before your “Big Day” helps me get a better feel on how to photograph you in a truly genuine way.


First and foremost I will document your day. I will photograph what is happening with a  bit of a 'fly on the wall' approach to tell the story as I see it.
I adore those raw, honest moments and candid captures that is authentically you and a true reflection of the day. 


I also love to style and compose shots with some more posing and guidance.

I know you guys want to look amaze in your photos, and I can absolutely help and guide and direct you so that you look natural and comfortable.

I'll get you guys moving, playing, cuddling and laughing and those are the shot's that'll be gold!



First things first, you'll receive a selection of highlights which I call 'sneak peeks'

a few days after your wedding.

You'll receive an online gallery of all the images and a super cute, keepsake box containing your usb.


Basically guys, I want you to have the best day possible.
Best day = best photos!

If you're vibing off my vibes, we should chat!

"I wan't you and your loved ones to feel like I'm a guest with a camera... 

and a glass of wine "


- Lauren Couanon


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